Xbox 360 GPU Reballing Training Video Course


Xbox 360 GPU Reballing Training Video Course

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Course Information:

Machine used: ACHI IR-PRO-SC
Author: Karol Włodarczyk, UKENtv
Release Date: 2015-03-10 (version 1.0)
Duration: 1h 30min
Language: English
Resolution: FullHD (1080p , 1920×1080)
Video Format: WMV (Windows Media Video)
Version: 1.0
Digital Download Version

Course Description:

The reballing process in the notebooks is a hard task. In this course we will show you how to perform the Xbox 360 GPU reballing, without damaging the motherboard. It is indeed a hard task, the GPU unit has a white glue on the edges which makes it harder to desolder, but with hints and information included in our Video Training we give you the opportunity to become the most professional service company in the field of notebooks.


Course Overview:

  • Introduction
    • The best and safe equipment used for the reballing process
    • Calibration and settings of the Achi IR-PRO SC rework station
  • Reballing of the XBOX 360 GPU Unit
    • First stage – Preparation
      • Using the aluminium tape to protect the elements on the board (IC’s, plastic ports etc.)
      • Preventing the board from bending
      • Removing the white glue
    • Second stage – Removing the Xbox 360 GPU
      • Heating the motherboard and the unit in order to remove it
      • Precise temperature profile and explenation of its importance
      • How to determine when the GPU unit is ready to be removed, despite some amount of glue remainings
      • Removing the GPU unit from the motherboard
      • Removing the old solder from the motherboard
    • Third Stage – the Xbox 360 GPU unit
      • Removing the old solder from the GPU Unit
      • Perfect soldering of new 0,6 balls to the processor with the usage of stencils
    • Fourth Stage – Soldering back the Xbox 360 GPU unit
      • Soldering back the GPU Unit
      • Precise temperatures and length for the soldering process
      • Making sure that theGPU has been soldered properly


Here you can find some information about Xbox 360 [source: wikipedia]


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